22 Kasım 2012 Perşembe

All About Not Vampires But Teenage-Kind Love || Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Even though Twilight is a childish movie which is full of extraordinary things like vampires and werewolfes,it can finish well.And it did.Yeah,i'm not the biggest fan but it touched me.The relationship between Bella and her daughter Renesmee and her fights for keeping her safe reminds me my mom.
And the historical final is near with love as we expected.Love always wins in movies although it is not correct for real.And it gives to people hope to dream again.Maybe i'm so emotional today but it's true.

I don't wanna give the spoiler.Go to the cinema and watch it! I recommend it.

But i can share one word to encourage you, "forever".. and there is the soundtrack list of the movie.

Where I Come From — Passion Pit
Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding
The Forgotten — Green Day
Fire In The Water — Feist
Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits
The Antidote — St. Vincent
Speak Up — POP ETC
Heart Of Stone — Iko
Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite
Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow
All I've Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
New For You — Reeve Carney
A Thousand Years (Part Two) — Christina Perri
Plus Que Ma Prone Vie — Carter Burwell

5 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

All About Blood || Dexter New Episode : Do It Wrong!!

Behind the purple flowers,he seems like so handsome.I love u Dexter.Even though you are a cold-blooded psycho,you are the coolest character in all tv series.

In the last season,Dexter was suspucious about Hannah McKay.He thought "She could be a murderer" , but now he was sure.He got proofs and prepared his table for her but things were changed.

At that time LaGuerta was still investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher case and Debra was trying to cover Dex's ass.
Quinn was playing the dirty and good cop at the same time.While he was taking money from George,he was trying to set free to Nadia.

I think it was an ordinary episode,but i never get bored while watching Dexter.

See you next week,yo lab geeks!

The Walking Dead || Season 3 Episode 4


This was a great episode of The Walking Dead.Although there was a lot of gross scenes,i had a couple of tears on my eyes.

While Merle decided to seek for his little brother Daryl, Andrea and Michonne prepare to leave the dream city of the Zombieland.But the governer of the non-walker city was insisted for them to not leave.Did you remember that he was watching the skulls in the tanks in the last episode? He must be a total freak.

By the way in prison there was an attack by zombies after someone opened the gates.That "someone" was one of prisoners.
The new attack of zombie catched them off guard.They were scared and they all run.At that time Lori couldn't make it.AGAIN! Her child-birth pain started when she must hide with Maggie and Carl.There was a unexpected situation so Maggie had to cut her belly and took the baby away.Lori died of course.

I think she was such a bitch but her death while giving birth to baby was so touching.Her talk with Carl made me cry,yeah i admit it! 
But Rick's cry is quite funny though :D 

See you next week,zombies!

15 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

All About Zombies || The Walking Dead New Episode

Hi everyone! I want to break my silence with The Walking Dead.I just watched the new episode of season 3. It was a thrilling one.
There are zombies everywhere i know but things are changed now.
Rick took charge of whole group but he is more intolerant now.Lori is so pregnant and she seems like afraid from Rick.She should be afraid and shamed after her cheating with Shane.Carl is not Lori's little boy anymore,he shots zombies without a second thought.Someone is getting grow up and act like a badass!
Maggie is thougher than before and she loves the asian guy,Glenn.
Daryl is my favorite guy among the all these stupids and he is still coolest one! He might be in some romantic actions with Carol in the next episodes.

Can anyone give me the spoil? Will Hershel be dead after he lose his foot because of a zombie's bite? If Hershel die,who help the birth of Lori's child? Who are the other guys in the prison which they already moved in? 

8 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi

Friends || Full of Fun and Romance

Hello guys,
Today i'm going to tell about a new series i started to watch.Actually it isn't new,it is an old but good one. "Friends" is recommended me by a friend of mine.Then i decided to watch and i like it.I'm on the first season but i already laughed a lot.
It is about a social circle including 3 women and 3 men who live in Manhattan.They care each others,they make funny jokes,they eat or drink together,they get advices from each other for their dates.
It is in 1994-2004, i guess,10 seasons tv series.Jennifer Aniston plays a role in "Friends" called Rachel.She was so young at that time.
I think i'm gonna watch all the seasons.I let you know when i finished.My favourite character is Phoebe by the way.She is a total hippie and she makes me laugh.

Have a great day!

3 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 || Gliding Over All

"we? who is we? there is no we Jesse! i'm the only vote left and i'll handle it. "

Poor Jesse! I always worry about you.You are the good guy and handsome one of course :)

In this episode Walter White determine to kill the nine guys of Fring.He learns the names of them from the Lydia.Todd's uncle who was in jail becomes a part of it and it is done.By the way Mike is dead now by Walter's hands.

Skyler wants her kids back home and she also wants her old life.She asks Walter to stop.Walter is out from the meth bussiness after the well organized working with Skyler,Todd and Lydia.

While i 'm thinking that everything gonna be alright for all of them,there is a surprise ending waiting for me.Hank realized the Fring's employee W.W. is Walter White!!

What happens now? Is Walter getting arrested or what?I'm so excited for the next episode.It'll become more excited.

PS : I like the music played in this episode.Here,there is a link for you.


2 Eylül 2012 Pazar

Movie About Jane Austen || Becoming Jane

"What value will there be in life, if we are not together? "

Tom Lefroy asks Jane when i had tears on my cheek.It is very romantic movie.I do love Jane Austen,really.I mentioned that before,i know,but i haven't watch the movie "Becoming Jane" at that time.Now i understand her more.
In Jane Austen's novel, there is always a pure romance that i adore.In this movie "Becoming Jane" which is about Jane Austen,there is also tearful scenes.
Tom Lefroy was an Irısh man who was loved by Jane in her twenties.When Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy are united again after their break up my heart is melting.When they have to break up because of money issue i really felt that pain in my heart.

If there is love,nothing should be important.Money,status or even family..

I guess,Jane Austen and her stunning lover Tom Lefroy loved each other throughtout their lives but there was a good love tale which was not happenned.That was wroten in Austen's novels.


29 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 7 || Say My Name !!

-Say my name!
-You are damn right!

OMG!This is such a great episode.
I really like the Breaking Bad.It is one of the best tv series,i think.

Here I give some explanation for who don't know the subject of Breaking Bad.It's about Walter White,a chemistry teacher who learn that he is cancer.After that he starts to cook meth with his graduated student Jesse Pinkman, to save money for his wife and children.But this meth bussiness become bigger than they expected.They have some enemies because of cooking meth.

In this episode,while Walter White wants to continue to cook,Jesse and Mike want to be retired from cooking or selling.They try to negotiate with other meth sellers.Mike take his cut 5 million dolars  but Jesse still try to get out.Todd, the new blonde guy, gets in the cooking.
In the meantime DEA takes of after the Mike.Hank's insistence works and they get some proves to catch him.Walter goes after Mike and he tries to learn the names of nine guys of Fring but he shuts the Mike.

I couldn't help but wonder what will happen the next episode? Will Mike live? Will Jesse and Walter catched by DEA? Will they sell the blue meth again?

28 Ağustos 2012 Salı

My Essential Movie || Factory Girl

One of most magnificient movies i've ever watched is Factory Girl.It's full of fashion,art,love and sadness.
The subject of the movie is rising and falling of Edie Sedgwick who was an icon in 60s.
Her parents were very wealthy and socialite.She met Andy Warhol who is the creator of the pop-art.Edie became an icon thanks to playing in Andy Warhol's short movies.By the way she met the young and handsome folk singer,Bob Dylan and fell in love with him.
Andy Warhol did not pay anything to Edie Sedgwick.In the meantime Edie had an addiction to drugs.She became broke and depressive.There was no reputation for her anymore.

It's based on the true story of Edie Sedgwick.However Andy Warhol was a great artist,he behaved as a dick to her.Edie is characterized by Sienna Miller in Factory Girl.I think Sienna fits this role so much.

I recommend this movie insistently! Have a great day! 


26 Ağustos 2012 Pazar

Pretty Little Liars Fashion

Hi again!

When tv series I follow take a break, I started to watch Pretty Little Liars.I found it pretty little silly but i kept watch because i was bored. 
The subject of Pretty Little Liars is that there 4 girls in Rosewood High School.Their friend Allison was missing for a year and then they learn Allison was murdered.
After her funeral,some strange texts start to come in their phones.And they try to find this anonymous guy -A.
I actually don't care about the whole scenario.I'm mostly interested in the clothes these four girls wear.

Spencer is the serious and brilliant one.She wears more formal.She prefers shirts and pants,classical shoes,less remarkable jewelries.

Hanna is the fashionista.She dresses up to kill.She uses pumps,silk and colorful shirts,trendy jackets and flashy necklaces.

Emily is the athletic one.She is the swimmer in school team and she prefer more casual clothes to wear.She usually prefers skinnies and t-shirts and more comfortable shoes.She does not use so much jewelry.

Aria is the ex-gothic.She is the shortest girl in their circle.She wears mini skirts or dresses.She uses dark colors especially.She has big earrings and very high heels to look taller.

If you feel close to one of  these girls' styles, you can use my model that i prepared in Polyvore.
Have a nice day,LP

The Scary One || True Blood

When i heard about True Blood at first time,i assumed that it is another teenage tv series like Teen Wolf , The Vampire Diaries and etc.After all i watched the first episode of the first season and i really found it interesting.
The subject of True Blood is that the vampires do not keep themselves from people,actually they want their own rights.At this time,Sookie who is main character of True Blood meets a guy who is vampire.They fall in love as we expected :) . Everything starts with that.
However there are lots of episodes for me to watch, i can say there are unexpected things in Sookie's town.
In True Blood,we can watch human-vampire fights and love,the shape-shifters,the sexual relationships between human and vampire.
I think that Sookie's boyfriend Bill is cool both in body and behavior.I like him :)  

25 Ağustos 2012 Cumartesi

The Mistic Tv Series : Sinbad !

Hi again! 

I remembered i read the adventures of Sinbad in a book when i was a little girl.Now we can watched him as a character of tv series.Sinbad is also produced in UK like Lost in Austen.

According to the story, Sinbad lives in Arabia,Basra with his grandmother and mother.Sinbad also has a brother Jamil,they are like friends,they love each others very much.
After the Lord Akbhari kills the Jamil, the adventure begins.The grandma curses Sinbad with a necklace.
Sinbad gets in the ship where Rina,Gunnar,Nala and father,Anwar and the Cook are there.
They starts to fight with bad guys and escape from the black arts.

It is such a good story to watch.I recommend you.You never be regret! 


24 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

My New Favourite : Lost in Austen

Hi,everyone! This is my first post and i'm quite excited actually.I'm familiar with fashion and writing about it but i have no experience about writing about movies & series.

Today i discovered a new one.Lost in Austen.I like the Jane Austen's stories.Pride and Prejudice is one of the magnificient movie i've ever watched.The mini series Emma is also based on Austen's novel.There is always a love and happy ending.

Lost in Austen is about a girl,who really likes reading Austen.It's Amanda Price.She dreams about those years that Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet live in.She wants that romance in her life and her dreams come true.She suddenly finds herself in Bennet's house.

I just watched the first episode but i already loved.I'll let you know when i finished the whole of four episodes.Until that time, take care of yourself :)

Ps : It's UK series and i'm the big fan of the British accent.