25 Ağustos 2012 Cumartesi

The Mistic Tv Series : Sinbad !

Hi again! 

I remembered i read the adventures of Sinbad in a book when i was a little girl.Now we can watched him as a character of tv series.Sinbad is also produced in UK like Lost in Austen.

According to the story, Sinbad lives in Arabia,Basra with his grandmother and mother.Sinbad also has a brother Jamil,they are like friends,they love each others very much.
After the Lord Akbhari kills the Jamil, the adventure begins.The grandma curses Sinbad with a necklace.
Sinbad gets in the ship where Rina,Gunnar,Nala and father,Anwar and the Cook are there.
They starts to fight with bad guys and escape from the black arts.

It is such a good story to watch.I recommend you.You never be regret! 


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