6 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi

All About Freedom || Spartacus : War of the Damned Season 3 Episode 9

9th episode of Spartacus : War of the Damned is called The Dead and The Dying.But i called it "Legendary Episode".As tv series Spartacus is one of my favourite.Every episode is unforgettable but this one,oh my god,my hair stood on end.There is still tears on my eyes.

Crixus,who left Spartacus, battled with Rome and Crassus's army but his son Tiberius killed Crixus and sent his head to Spartacus with Naevia.Agron was captured and tortured by Romans even they crucified him.I felt pain while i'm watching that scene.

Spartacus set a trap for Tiberius and captured him and his twenty men.They organized games to killed those Romans in memory of Crixus and others.I was so excited while watching Spartacus and Gannicus's shows.I think they were so hot on the sand and they were like titans.

Then,Naevia came up with sword to take Crixus's revenge.But she didn't kill Tiberius because he was going to traded with 500 captured men.But Kore stabbed Tiberius and killed him.But there was still deal and 500 prisoner were released.Agron was among them.His union with Nasir touched me.

After the union,there was ceremony to honor Crixus.That scene made me cry.I boohooed! They memorialized Crixus,Oenomaus,Varro,Sura,Duro and others.Spartacus's speech was legendary.

In the name of freedom Spartacus made lots of things.I'm sure this tv series is honoring him and his cause.

26 Ocak 2013 Cumartesi

All About Gladiators || Spartacus War of The Damned

This episode called "Enemies of Rome" is such a great one.There are lots of bloody and erotic scenes as usual.But contrary to other seasons,there will be a big war btw the army of Rome and the army of Spartacus.

There are more slaves near the Spartacus now,and his right-hands Crixus,Gannicus and Agron are there for him.Naevia is more strong now after she killed the Ashur.Gannicus is still womanizer and he is getting foursome :D On the other hand,Agron-Nasir and Crixus-Naevia couples are like lovebirds,i think it's cute.

Lucretia,Lithia and Gaius Claudius Glaber are dead and there are new commanders to beat the "rebel Spartacus".Spartacus overcomed to Cossinius and Furius but he will got troubles with Marcus Licinius Crassus in the next episodes.

This tv series is so exciting so i am on pins and needles while i'm watching.Beside that,the gladiators are so hot and muscled and i can't get my eyes on their six packs and adonis :)

15 Ocak 2013 Salı

All About Gossip || Gossip Girl Final Episode

"Gossip Girl here ! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite."

" Hello Upper East Siders!!"

Oh my gosh! It will be sad to not hear all those words and this voice again.

I know this is very late post and i'm sorry for that.Because my midterm and final schedule sucks , i didn't find the time to write a proper final post about Gossip Girl.

I'm sure you've already known that lonely boy Dan Humphrey was the gossip girl.It was surprising i admit but not shocking for me.I thought that Dan is the only guy can write so he must be behind the all gossip girl thing.Am I right,hah?

Dan Humphrey has not been the my biggest concern  during 6 seasons.Blair and Chuck have been my lovely couple and i'm so glad to learn that they married , they had a kid and they were happy.I can live with peace now :) Their marriage was so exciting and Blair's wedding dress was perfect.She became the "something blue" on her own wedding :)

Dan Humphrey gave Nate the folder about Gossip Girl and he obtained that Nate could save The Spectator.

In addition to this,Serena and lonely boy Dan got married in the last scene.I never like Dan and Serena couple,they were so annoying and I didn't like the Serena's wedding dress.It was so golden and shinny and i think it didn't fit the wedding concept.

Jenny Humphrey,Venessa,Lola and Eric were seen in the scene for the final.

And we finally found who gave voices for Gossip Girl of all times.

I will miss all of them even Dan.

XOXO LadyPresley

All About Carrie Bradshaw || The Carrie Diaries

I'm the biggest fan of Sex & The City and Carrie Bradshaw.I would watch a billion episodes if there was.I like the Carrie's quote about love and romance,her advices about boys and relationships and i love the way she loves Manhattan.

Now, there is new tv series by HBO and it's about Carrie's teenage years before living in Manhattan.At first, all things can be awkward according to original episodes but it can be used to it.I used to it.
There is less fashion,more 80's songs of course and more Carrie's young thoughts. This is a chance to learn that how Carrie fell in love with Manhattan.

Carrie is played by AnnaSophia Robb.She can be remembered as the girl always chewing gum in the Movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

I suggest you insistently! Grab a few bottle of drinks and sneaks,make girls night and watch the first episodes of The Carrie Diaries with your besties   :) 

See you guys!

All About Shameless || Season 3 Gettin' More Shameless

Shameless is one of my favorite tv series.It's quite shameless like it sounds :) 

I wiil not tell the whole subject of it.I just wanna say how miss these guys a lot.After the season 2, it took a break and it killed me.When my final exams are over today, i can't wait to watch it.It's not wrong to say that all things are gettin' dirtier and dirtier.

Steve starts to live with Fi and kids.Lip sleeps with Mandy.Carl gets dental braces.Debbie misses the Frank because he is lost for 137 days.Frank wakes up in Mexico and he doesn't remember anything at all.Sheila and Judy take care of Karen's baby. Steve falls into a bad situation because of Estefania and her dad.Ian still gets laid with Steve's father.Fiona fires from her sucking job and she tries to get another one.V and Kevin make some black-white-slave things for their website to make money.Lip wins the medal and money reward thanks to lazer car he made.Frank turns home and the things he done for turning back are so disgusting.ıykk!

Like i said it's more shameless,it's getting dirtier.Can you dare to watch it? ;)

22 Kasım 2012 Perşembe

All About Not Vampires But Teenage-Kind Love || Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Even though Twilight is a childish movie which is full of extraordinary things like vampires and werewolfes,it can finish well.And it did.Yeah,i'm not the biggest fan but it touched me.The relationship between Bella and her daughter Renesmee and her fights for keeping her safe reminds me my mom.
And the historical final is near with love as we expected.Love always wins in movies although it is not correct for real.And it gives to people hope to dream again.Maybe i'm so emotional today but it's true.

I don't wanna give the spoiler.Go to the cinema and watch it! I recommend it.

But i can share one word to encourage you, "forever".. and there is the soundtrack list of the movie.

Where I Come From — Passion Pit
Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding
The Forgotten — Green Day
Fire In The Water — Feist
Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits
The Antidote — St. Vincent
Speak Up — POP ETC
Heart Of Stone — Iko
Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite
Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow
All I've Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
New For You — Reeve Carney
A Thousand Years (Part Two) — Christina Perri
Plus Que Ma Prone Vie — Carter Burwell

5 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

All About Blood || Dexter New Episode : Do It Wrong!!

Behind the purple flowers,he seems like so handsome.I love u Dexter.Even though you are a cold-blooded psycho,you are the coolest character in all tv series.

In the last season,Dexter was suspucious about Hannah McKay.He thought "She could be a murderer" , but now he was sure.He got proofs and prepared his table for her but things were changed.

At that time LaGuerta was still investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher case and Debra was trying to cover Dex's ass.
Quinn was playing the dirty and good cop at the same time.While he was taking money from George,he was trying to set free to Nadia.

I think it was an ordinary episode,but i never get bored while watching Dexter.

See you next week,yo lab geeks!