29 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 7 || Say My Name !!

-Say my name!
-You are damn right!

OMG!This is such a great episode.
I really like the Breaking Bad.It is one of the best tv series,i think.

Here I give some explanation for who don't know the subject of Breaking Bad.It's about Walter White,a chemistry teacher who learn that he is cancer.After that he starts to cook meth with his graduated student Jesse Pinkman, to save money for his wife and children.But this meth bussiness become bigger than they expected.They have some enemies because of cooking meth.

In this episode,while Walter White wants to continue to cook,Jesse and Mike want to be retired from cooking or selling.They try to negotiate with other meth sellers.Mike take his cut 5 million dolars  but Jesse still try to get out.Todd, the new blonde guy, gets in the cooking.
In the meantime DEA takes of after the Mike.Hank's insistence works and they get some proves to catch him.Walter goes after Mike and he tries to learn the names of nine guys of Fring but he shuts the Mike.

I couldn't help but wonder what will happen the next episode? Will Mike live? Will Jesse and Walter catched by DEA? Will they sell the blue meth again?

28 Ağustos 2012 Salı

My Essential Movie || Factory Girl

One of most magnificient movies i've ever watched is Factory Girl.It's full of fashion,art,love and sadness.
The subject of the movie is rising and falling of Edie Sedgwick who was an icon in 60s.
Her parents were very wealthy and socialite.She met Andy Warhol who is the creator of the pop-art.Edie became an icon thanks to playing in Andy Warhol's short movies.By the way she met the young and handsome folk singer,Bob Dylan and fell in love with him.
Andy Warhol did not pay anything to Edie Sedgwick.In the meantime Edie had an addiction to drugs.She became broke and depressive.There was no reputation for her anymore.

It's based on the true story of Edie Sedgwick.However Andy Warhol was a great artist,he behaved as a dick to her.Edie is characterized by Sienna Miller in Factory Girl.I think Sienna fits this role so much.

I recommend this movie insistently! Have a great day! 


26 Ağustos 2012 Pazar

Pretty Little Liars Fashion

Hi again!

When tv series I follow take a break, I started to watch Pretty Little Liars.I found it pretty little silly but i kept watch because i was bored. 
The subject of Pretty Little Liars is that there 4 girls in Rosewood High School.Their friend Allison was missing for a year and then they learn Allison was murdered.
After her funeral,some strange texts start to come in their phones.And they try to find this anonymous guy -A.
I actually don't care about the whole scenario.I'm mostly interested in the clothes these four girls wear.

Spencer is the serious and brilliant one.She wears more formal.She prefers shirts and pants,classical shoes,less remarkable jewelries.

Hanna is the fashionista.She dresses up to kill.She uses pumps,silk and colorful shirts,trendy jackets and flashy necklaces.

Emily is the athletic one.She is the swimmer in school team and she prefer more casual clothes to wear.She usually prefers skinnies and t-shirts and more comfortable shoes.She does not use so much jewelry.

Aria is the ex-gothic.She is the shortest girl in their circle.She wears mini skirts or dresses.She uses dark colors especially.She has big earrings and very high heels to look taller.

If you feel close to one of  these girls' styles, you can use my model that i prepared in Polyvore.
Have a nice day,LP

The Scary One || True Blood

When i heard about True Blood at first time,i assumed that it is another teenage tv series like Teen Wolf , The Vampire Diaries and etc.After all i watched the first episode of the first season and i really found it interesting.
The subject of True Blood is that the vampires do not keep themselves from people,actually they want their own rights.At this time,Sookie who is main character of True Blood meets a guy who is vampire.They fall in love as we expected :) . Everything starts with that.
However there are lots of episodes for me to watch, i can say there are unexpected things in Sookie's town.
In True Blood,we can watch human-vampire fights and love,the shape-shifters,the sexual relationships between human and vampire.
I think that Sookie's boyfriend Bill is cool both in body and behavior.I like him :)  

25 Ağustos 2012 Cumartesi

The Mistic Tv Series : Sinbad !

Hi again! 

I remembered i read the adventures of Sinbad in a book when i was a little girl.Now we can watched him as a character of tv series.Sinbad is also produced in UK like Lost in Austen.

According to the story, Sinbad lives in Arabia,Basra with his grandmother and mother.Sinbad also has a brother Jamil,they are like friends,they love each others very much.
After the Lord Akbhari kills the Jamil, the adventure begins.The grandma curses Sinbad with a necklace.
Sinbad gets in the ship where Rina,Gunnar,Nala and father,Anwar and the Cook are there.
They starts to fight with bad guys and escape from the black arts.

It is such a good story to watch.I recommend you.You never be regret! 


24 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

My New Favourite : Lost in Austen

Hi,everyone! This is my first post and i'm quite excited actually.I'm familiar with fashion and writing about it but i have no experience about writing about movies & series.

Today i discovered a new one.Lost in Austen.I like the Jane Austen's stories.Pride and Prejudice is one of the magnificient movie i've ever watched.The mini series Emma is also based on Austen's novel.There is always a love and happy ending.

Lost in Austen is about a girl,who really likes reading Austen.It's Amanda Price.She dreams about those years that Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet live in.She wants that romance in her life and her dreams come true.She suddenly finds herself in Bennet's house.

I just watched the first episode but i already loved.I'll let you know when i finished the whole of four episodes.Until that time, take care of yourself :)

Ps : It's UK series and i'm the big fan of the British accent.