5 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

All About Blood || Dexter New Episode : Do It Wrong!!

Behind the purple flowers,he seems like so handsome.I love u Dexter.Even though you are a cold-blooded psycho,you are the coolest character in all tv series.

In the last season,Dexter was suspucious about Hannah McKay.He thought "She could be a murderer" , but now he was sure.He got proofs and prepared his table for her but things were changed.

At that time LaGuerta was still investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher case and Debra was trying to cover Dex's ass.
Quinn was playing the dirty and good cop at the same time.While he was taking money from George,he was trying to set free to Nadia.

I think it was an ordinary episode,but i never get bored while watching Dexter.

See you next week,yo lab geeks!

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