15 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

All About Zombies || The Walking Dead New Episode

Hi everyone! I want to break my silence with The Walking Dead.I just watched the new episode of season 3. It was a thrilling one.
There are zombies everywhere i know but things are changed now.
Rick took charge of whole group but he is more intolerant now.Lori is so pregnant and she seems like afraid from Rick.She should be afraid and shamed after her cheating with Shane.Carl is not Lori's little boy anymore,he shots zombies without a second thought.Someone is getting grow up and act like a badass!
Maggie is thougher than before and she loves the asian guy,Glenn.
Daryl is my favorite guy among the all these stupids and he is still coolest one! He might be in some romantic actions with Carol in the next episodes.

Can anyone give me the spoil? Will Hershel be dead after he lose his foot because of a zombie's bite? If Hershel die,who help the birth of Lori's child? Who are the other guys in the prison which they already moved in? 

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