5 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

The Walking Dead || Season 3 Episode 4


This was a great episode of The Walking Dead.Although there was a lot of gross scenes,i had a couple of tears on my eyes.

While Merle decided to seek for his little brother Daryl, Andrea and Michonne prepare to leave the dream city of the Zombieland.But the governer of the non-walker city was insisted for them to not leave.Did you remember that he was watching the skulls in the tanks in the last episode? He must be a total freak.

By the way in prison there was an attack by zombies after someone opened the gates.That "someone" was one of prisoners.
The new attack of zombie catched them off guard.They were scared and they all run.At that time Lori couldn't make it.AGAIN! Her child-birth pain started when she must hide with Maggie and Carl.There was a unexpected situation so Maggie had to cut her belly and took the baby away.Lori died of course.

I think she was such a bitch but her death while giving birth to baby was so touching.Her talk with Carl made me cry,yeah i admit it! 
But Rick's cry is quite funny though :D 

See you next week,zombies!

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