3 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 || Gliding Over All

"we? who is we? there is no we Jesse! i'm the only vote left and i'll handle it. "

Poor Jesse! I always worry about you.You are the good guy and handsome one of course :)

In this episode Walter White determine to kill the nine guys of Fring.He learns the names of them from the Lydia.Todd's uncle who was in jail becomes a part of it and it is done.By the way Mike is dead now by Walter's hands.

Skyler wants her kids back home and she also wants her old life.She asks Walter to stop.Walter is out from the meth bussiness after the well organized working with Skyler,Todd and Lydia.

While i 'm thinking that everything gonna be alright for all of them,there is a surprise ending waiting for me.Hank realized the Fring's employee W.W. is Walter White!!

What happens now? Is Walter getting arrested or what?I'm so excited for the next episode.It'll become more excited.

PS : I like the music played in this episode.Here,there is a link for you.


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