26 Ağustos 2012 Pazar

Pretty Little Liars Fashion

Hi again!

When tv series I follow take a break, I started to watch Pretty Little Liars.I found it pretty little silly but i kept watch because i was bored. 
The subject of Pretty Little Liars is that there 4 girls in Rosewood High School.Their friend Allison was missing for a year and then they learn Allison was murdered.
After her funeral,some strange texts start to come in their phones.And they try to find this anonymous guy -A.
I actually don't care about the whole scenario.I'm mostly interested in the clothes these four girls wear.

Spencer is the serious and brilliant one.She wears more formal.She prefers shirts and pants,classical shoes,less remarkable jewelries.

Hanna is the fashionista.She dresses up to kill.She uses pumps,silk and colorful shirts,trendy jackets and flashy necklaces.

Emily is the athletic one.She is the swimmer in school team and she prefer more casual clothes to wear.She usually prefers skinnies and t-shirts and more comfortable shoes.She does not use so much jewelry.

Aria is the ex-gothic.She is the shortest girl in their circle.She wears mini skirts or dresses.She uses dark colors especially.She has big earrings and very high heels to look taller.

If you feel close to one of  these girls' styles, you can use my model that i prepared in Polyvore.
Have a nice day,LP

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