28 Ağustos 2012 Salı

My Essential Movie || Factory Girl

One of most magnificient movies i've ever watched is Factory Girl.It's full of fashion,art,love and sadness.
The subject of the movie is rising and falling of Edie Sedgwick who was an icon in 60s.
Her parents were very wealthy and socialite.She met Andy Warhol who is the creator of the pop-art.Edie became an icon thanks to playing in Andy Warhol's short movies.By the way she met the young and handsome folk singer,Bob Dylan and fell in love with him.
Andy Warhol did not pay anything to Edie Sedgwick.In the meantime Edie had an addiction to drugs.She became broke and depressive.There was no reputation for her anymore.

It's based on the true story of Edie Sedgwick.However Andy Warhol was a great artist,he behaved as a dick to her.Edie is characterized by Sienna Miller in Factory Girl.I think Sienna fits this role so much.

I recommend this movie insistently! Have a great day! 


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