26 Ağustos 2012 Pazar

The Scary One || True Blood

When i heard about True Blood at first time,i assumed that it is another teenage tv series like Teen Wolf , The Vampire Diaries and etc.After all i watched the first episode of the first season and i really found it interesting.
The subject of True Blood is that the vampires do not keep themselves from people,actually they want their own rights.At this time,Sookie who is main character of True Blood meets a guy who is vampire.They fall in love as we expected :) . Everything starts with that.
However there are lots of episodes for me to watch, i can say there are unexpected things in Sookie's town.
In True Blood,we can watch human-vampire fights and love,the shape-shifters,the sexual relationships between human and vampire.
I think that Sookie's boyfriend Bill is cool both in body and behavior.I like him :)  

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