29 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 7 || Say My Name !!

-Say my name!
-You are damn right!

OMG!This is such a great episode.
I really like the Breaking Bad.It is one of the best tv series,i think.

Here I give some explanation for who don't know the subject of Breaking Bad.It's about Walter White,a chemistry teacher who learn that he is cancer.After that he starts to cook meth with his graduated student Jesse Pinkman, to save money for his wife and children.But this meth bussiness become bigger than they expected.They have some enemies because of cooking meth.

In this episode,while Walter White wants to continue to cook,Jesse and Mike want to be retired from cooking or selling.They try to negotiate with other meth sellers.Mike take his cut 5 million dolars  but Jesse still try to get out.Todd, the new blonde guy, gets in the cooking.
In the meantime DEA takes of after the Mike.Hank's insistence works and they get some proves to catch him.Walter goes after Mike and he tries to learn the names of nine guys of Fring but he shuts the Mike.

I couldn't help but wonder what will happen the next episode? Will Mike live? Will Jesse and Walter catched by DEA? Will they sell the blue meth again?

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