15 Ocak 2013 Salı

All About Shameless || Season 3 Gettin' More Shameless

Shameless is one of my favorite tv series.It's quite shameless like it sounds :) 

I wiil not tell the whole subject of it.I just wanna say how miss these guys a lot.After the season 2, it took a break and it killed me.When my final exams are over today, i can't wait to watch it.It's not wrong to say that all things are gettin' dirtier and dirtier.

Steve starts to live with Fi and kids.Lip sleeps with Mandy.Carl gets dental braces.Debbie misses the Frank because he is lost for 137 days.Frank wakes up in Mexico and he doesn't remember anything at all.Sheila and Judy take care of Karen's baby. Steve falls into a bad situation because of Estefania and her dad.Ian still gets laid with Steve's father.Fiona fires from her sucking job and she tries to get another one.V and Kevin make some black-white-slave things for their website to make money.Lip wins the medal and money reward thanks to lazer car he made.Frank turns home and the things he done for turning back are so disgusting.ıykk!

Like i said it's more shameless,it's getting dirtier.Can you dare to watch it? ;)

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