26 Ocak 2013 Cumartesi

All About Gladiators || Spartacus War of The Damned

This episode called "Enemies of Rome" is such a great one.There are lots of bloody and erotic scenes as usual.But contrary to other seasons,there will be a big war btw the army of Rome and the army of Spartacus.

There are more slaves near the Spartacus now,and his right-hands Crixus,Gannicus and Agron are there for him.Naevia is more strong now after she killed the Ashur.Gannicus is still womanizer and he is getting foursome :D On the other hand,Agron-Nasir and Crixus-Naevia couples are like lovebirds,i think it's cute.

Lucretia,Lithia and Gaius Claudius Glaber are dead and there are new commanders to beat the "rebel Spartacus".Spartacus overcomed to Cossinius and Furius but he will got troubles with Marcus Licinius Crassus in the next episodes.

This tv series is so exciting so i am on pins and needles while i'm watching.Beside that,the gladiators are so hot and muscled and i can't get my eyes on their six packs and adonis :)

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