6 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi

All About Freedom || Spartacus : War of the Damned Season 3 Episode 9

9th episode of Spartacus : War of the Damned is called The Dead and The Dying.But i called it "Legendary Episode".As tv series Spartacus is one of my favourite.Every episode is unforgettable but this one,oh my god,my hair stood on end.There is still tears on my eyes.

Crixus,who left Spartacus, battled with Rome and Crassus's army but his son Tiberius killed Crixus and sent his head to Spartacus with Naevia.Agron was captured and tortured by Romans even they crucified him.I felt pain while i'm watching that scene.

Spartacus set a trap for Tiberius and captured him and his twenty men.They organized games to killed those Romans in memory of Crixus and others.I was so excited while watching Spartacus and Gannicus's shows.I think they were so hot on the sand and they were like titans.

Then,Naevia came up with sword to take Crixus's revenge.But she didn't kill Tiberius because he was going to traded with 500 captured men.But Kore stabbed Tiberius and killed him.But there was still deal and 500 prisoner were released.Agron was among them.His union with Nasir touched me.

After the union,there was ceremony to honor Crixus.That scene made me cry.I boohooed! They memorialized Crixus,Oenomaus,Varro,Sura,Duro and others.Spartacus's speech was legendary.

In the name of freedom Spartacus made lots of things.I'm sure this tv series is honoring him and his cause.

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