15 Ocak 2013 Salı

All About Carrie Bradshaw || The Carrie Diaries

I'm the biggest fan of Sex & The City and Carrie Bradshaw.I would watch a billion episodes if there was.I like the Carrie's quote about love and romance,her advices about boys and relationships and i love the way she loves Manhattan.

Now, there is new tv series by HBO and it's about Carrie's teenage years before living in Manhattan.At first, all things can be awkward according to original episodes but it can be used to it.I used to it.
There is less fashion,more 80's songs of course and more Carrie's young thoughts. This is a chance to learn that how Carrie fell in love with Manhattan.

Carrie is played by AnnaSophia Robb.She can be remembered as the girl always chewing gum in the Movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

I suggest you insistently! Grab a few bottle of drinks and sneaks,make girls night and watch the first episodes of The Carrie Diaries with your besties   :) 

See you guys!

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