15 Ocak 2013 Salı

All About Gossip || Gossip Girl Final Episode

"Gossip Girl here ! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite."

" Hello Upper East Siders!!"

Oh my gosh! It will be sad to not hear all those words and this voice again.

I know this is very late post and i'm sorry for that.Because my midterm and final schedule sucks , i didn't find the time to write a proper final post about Gossip Girl.

I'm sure you've already known that lonely boy Dan Humphrey was the gossip girl.It was surprising i admit but not shocking for me.I thought that Dan is the only guy can write so he must be behind the all gossip girl thing.Am I right,hah?

Dan Humphrey has not been the my biggest concern  during 6 seasons.Blair and Chuck have been my lovely couple and i'm so glad to learn that they married , they had a kid and they were happy.I can live with peace now :) Their marriage was so exciting and Blair's wedding dress was perfect.She became the "something blue" on her own wedding :)

Dan Humphrey gave Nate the folder about Gossip Girl and he obtained that Nate could save The Spectator.

In addition to this,Serena and lonely boy Dan got married in the last scene.I never like Dan and Serena couple,they were so annoying and I didn't like the Serena's wedding dress.It was so golden and shinny and i think it didn't fit the wedding concept.

Jenny Humphrey,Venessa,Lola and Eric were seen in the scene for the final.

And we finally found who gave voices for Gossip Girl of all times.

I will miss all of them even Dan.

XOXO LadyPresley

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